Methyldiethanolamine is an amino alcohol, organic compound. It is obtained in industry through the interaction of ethylene oxide and methylamine.

Methyldiethanolamine, as well as special sorbents based on it (various grades of special modified MDEA), are widely used in amine treatment for the removal of acidic impurities from natural and process gases. Other important areas where this product is used are the chemical industry and the production of synthetic detergents.

Global methyldiethanolamine demand exceeds 200,000 tonnes per year. The rapid development in the production of liquefied natural gas determines the growth in the demand for methyldiethanolamine based absorbents.

Technology description:

The technology is protected by patent of the Russian Federation No. 2380354.

Methyldiethanolamine production consists of the following stages:

  • Methyldiethanolamine synthesis.
  • Methylamine distillation and recycling.
  • Methylmonoethanolamine distillation and recycling.
  • Separation of commercial methyldiethanolamine.

Synthesis is carried out in the liquid phase from ethylene oxide and methylamine in anhydrous medium, at a temperature of 60-90 and pressure up to 1 MPa. The process is autocatalytic. The technology is characterised by high quality commercial methyldiethanolamine and low energy consumption.

Advantages of methyldiethanolamine as an absobent for amine gas treatment.

  • Selectivity to hydrogen sulphide.
  • Reduction of 30% in energy consumption.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Low corrosiveness.
  • No resin formation.
  • Reduction in circulating absorbent consumption.

Practical implementation:

In 1996 in Dzerzhinsk (Nizhny Novgorod region), a plant was built at Sintez JSC, for alkylethanolamine production using Himtek Engineering technology. Today, this is Himsorbent CJSC. As a result of close cooperation with consumers and understanding their needs, an innovative technology was successfully implemented at the existing plant for obtaining special sorbent, special modified MDEA for special applications. This expanded the application of the nitrogen complex.

Himsorbent CJSC is currently the only high-tech complex in Russia with a capacity of 12,000 tonnes per year producing high quality products which meet the best international standards.

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