Investment project

Projects implemented by Himtek Engineering CJSC in various regions of Russia have high cost-performance indicators, comply with modern environmental production standards, make optimal use of domestic and foreign achievements in the field of chemical technology, equipment, catalysis, and the produced goods comply with international quality standards.

Himsorbent CJSC was created in Dzerzhinsk and is a production complex to provide import substitution production for RAO Gazprom enterprises. The company's shareholders were RAO Gazprom, Sintez JSC and Himtek Engineering JSC. A Methyldethanolamine (MDEA) plant with a capacity of ten thousand tonnes per year (chemical sorbent for removing acidic impurities, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide, etc., from natural and industrial gases). The process is based on state-of-the-art technology (patented by Himtek Engineering JSC).

Other parts of the complex include the production of mixed special sorbents based on MDEA (capacity of three thousand tonnes per year), coolant (capacity of two thousand tonnes per year).

Himtek Engineering's proposal was implemented at Sintez JSC for the creation of a new product using existing equipment, methyl alcohol esters (physical absorbent for removing Н2S, CO2, RSH from natural and industrial gases) with a capacity of one thousand tonnes per year. A new coolant was developed based on methyl alcohol esters, which surpasses DAG type coolants used at the facilities in terms of pour point, thermal oxidation stability, thermal conductivity and volatility.

Owing to RAO Gazprom's demand for diethanolamine (DEA), Himtek Engineering JSC converted its current production of ethanolamine at Sintez JSC to new technology which is flexible in terms of the range of produced ethanolamines, MEA, DEA and TEA. As a result, the production of the demanded diethanolamine increased six fold.

New production of ethanolamine was commissioned at Sintez JSC with a capacity of ten thousand tonnes per year, using technology from Himtek Engineering JSC, patented and based on oxyethylated anhydrous ammonia. The complex has flexibility in terms of end products (MEA, DEA and TEA), it uses energy saving and safe technology, while product quality complies with the best global standards. Production capacity has doubled thanks to the use of new patented solutions from Himtek Engineering JSC.

Technology was developed and design data issued to Sintez OKA LLC for the construction of a new plant for triethanolamine recovery with 99+ content of the main substance. Himtek Engineering JSC is currently coordinating distillation column installation and piping works.

Design data developed by Himtek Engineering JSC was used to commission a distillation column for water separation from the reaction stream of synthesised ethanolamines produced by water technology at workshop No.2. This made it possible to increase the process productivity, the quality of the final products and the environmental friendliness of the technology without making significant changes in energy consumption.

Together with Himtek Engineering JSC, an additional distillation tower was commissioned at Himsorbent CJSC for stripping intermediate distillate in MDEA production. This made it possible to improve quality and ensure the production of a product with an MDEA content of over 99%.