«Himtek Engineering»

Parent company of Sintez OKA Group

The Russian leader in developing technology and organising amine production

Himtek Engineering has been active in the scientific and engineering service market since 1991.

Our core strengths include:

- Years of experience in management of large manufacturing and engineering complex. Himtek Engineering is an owner of Russia’s major ethanolamine production complex,Sintez OKALLC, and a co-owner (jointly with Gazorom) ofHimsorbent CJSCwhich is the only domestic manufacturer of methyldiethanolamine and special sorbents for removal of acid impurities from natural or industrial gases.

- Expert knowledge, vast experience and mastery of technologies applied in a number of heavy organic synthesis processes, such as hydrogenation, epoxidation, oxyalkylation and etherification. We develop and design liquid and gas mixture separation and recovery plants, including amine units for removal of acid components from natural and industrial gases.

- Track record in investment projects aimed at introducing proprietary technologies into the industry.

- Developer and owner of ethanolamine, methyldiethanolamine, dimethylethanolamine, ethylene glycol methyl ester, propylene oxide, cationic acrylic and methacrylic monomer, substituted methyleneamine (triazine), alkali metal methylate and mixed special amine sorbent synthesis technologies. Our solutions are ready for introduction into chemical industry.

- Cooperation with the leading domestic and foreign manufacturers of chemical equipment, catalysts, instrumentation and control systems and strong partnership with design organisations operating in the chemical industry.

- Expertise in design basis preparation, design management and process equipment development, selection and production. Himtek Engineering has a successful track record as a general contractor of new production facilities.

- Detailed knowledge of industrial applications and potential uses of products and high commitment to share our knowledge and experience with customers.

We focus on gas treatment technologies, enjoy extensive experience in amine unit development and offer services on conversion of existing units to new absorbents. Himtek Engineering is willing to provide active and future production facilities and design organisations with any scientific and engineering support related to gas treatment technologies

Himtek Engineering today is a management, research, design, technological and engineering centre of Russias major amine production complex.